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The concept of The Lobby is to be the meeting place where everyone’s comfortable enough to discuss their opinions and ask questions without judgement. The entire make up of the show is built around being in a hotel more specifically The Lobby of a hotel. The show is broken down into segments which also support the concept of being in a hotel or a hotel lobby.
 Those segments are as follows: 
Check In, Reservations, Loiterers, House Keeping, Mini Bar, Rume Service, Concierge Call-ins, Elevator Music, Room Key,  and Check Out.
Our Listener will also be called Lobbyist though it holds no conceptual value when it pertains to the hotel lobby make up, however Lobbyist are put in place to persuade others to support our cause. And that’s what we want from our listeners to spread the word and gain the support of the urban community and the respect of the larger media channels.


  • Check In – This is the part of the show where we sign on and introduce the topic of the day. “You have officially been checked in to The Lobby.”

  • Reservations – This is the part of the show where we report on events that transpired within the past week that have reserved their right to be spoken about in The Lobby. Reservations can be made for things that went terribly wrong or incredibly good, either way that event has made reservations.

  • Loiterers – Now this is the part of the show where we address the people in the entertainment industry, politics, or our community that believe they are doing something impactful but in reality they aren’t doing anything they are just in the way of the people that are truly talented and have the potential to really make a difference and an impact. “We cant allow people to just loiter in our Lobby”

  • House Keeping – This is the part of the show where we pay the bills. We will run sponsor commercials, give verbal shout-outs , show our support to those that support us  we also make it a point to shout out our lobbyist .

  • The MiniBar – This is the part of the show that we dedicate to letting our lobbyist know what we are drinking this week and it also allows us more time to exclusively shout out any of our adult beverage sponsors. (Drink responsibly )

  • Rume Service – This is where we deliver the tea. We report and address popular rumors from the entertainment industry, politics, our community, and/or society and we give our opinions and discuss these rumors in open forum.

  • Concierge Call-ins – This is when we allow our lobbyist to chime in on our topic of the day and the issues and rumors we are discussing throughout our segments. “Call the concierge they’ll patch you in to the lobby”

  • The Room Key – This is where we reflect on the topic of this weeks show and give our takeaways. So pretty much the moral of the story.

  • Elevator Music – The music that we play in between segments.

  • Check Out – where we end the night and tell the lobbyist to meet us in The Lobby next time.

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